Get the best price for your South Florida property! We’ll help you sell BIG!


Young mother hugging her two daughters, five and seven yearsIt’s been said that in real estate, negotiations are where the fastest, easiest money is made. Think about how many hours it takes you to make an extra $10,000. Yet, in our negotiations, we can do all of it with the stroke of a pen.
As a family run real estate brokerage, we’ll take care of the transaction of your home or investment property in a way that benefits you the most. We specifically named our company, “Florida Properties MARKETING Group” because we know how to market your home, not just list it.

Selling your house is a combination of emotional and logical decisions. We know what it takes to make sure it works out in your favor. Use our market knowledge, real estate savvy and extra tricks up our sleeve to walk away happy from your sale. We’ll make sure the quality of your pictures, the words to describe your house, the appraisers and objections all work for your benefit. The way we present your property online attracts hundreds of hits every month, helping your house stand out from the rest and tap into potential buyer’s imaginations. That’s what it takes to get you the extra chunk of change at the end of the deal.